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Dance filmography

Dance is the outward expression of within. Feeling and emotion portrayed in movement and beauty. It is an ever evolving beauty that speaks to all people in all places. Our vision is to assist in the portrayal of your dance and expression through video and cinematography. 

There is something special, something magical, in the combination of dance and cinematography.

Let us be the ones to explore your magic!


Hello, I'm Josh,
A passionate director, co-director and videographer dedicated to capturing the artistry and magic of dancers. As a specialist in dance videography, I have honed my skills to precisely capture the fluidity, grace, and expression that dancers bring to the stage. Through my lens, I strive to convey the raw emotion and storytelling embedded within each movement, creating visually stunning and evocative content. It is my mission to showcase the immense talent and dedication of dancers, inspiring audiences to appreciate and embrace the universal language of dance.

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We work with all sorts of concepts, dance styles, and talents ranging from beginners to high level world performing championships. Whether you are looking for content to post on your social media, to developing and conceptualizing your art, we are ready for you!

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No cuts, no edits! Just lights, camera, action!

These are perfect for social media, Instagram Reels and TikTok.


Talk to us about our packages!

A Highlight Reel is a basic compilation video of the best parts of a class, performance, event or dance routine professionally edited together to music. This style of edit can be used for all scenarios such as classes, performances, events and dances.

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A Sizzle or Promo Reel is a carefully planned, prepared and executed video to produce the highest quality dance video for advertisement and self-promotion.

Before the day of filming we will be part of your planning including routine/choreography preparation, specific lighting requirements, music, location planning and video conceptualization.

When it is the day of filming, we will dedicate our time and effort to ensure that we have captured, and you have performed, the best take, and that we have filmed all appropriate angles to create your sizzle or promo reel

For dance routines you would like to have created into a cinematic edit. Like a promo reel, this is a carefully prepared and planned dance video including routine/choreography preparation, specific lighting requirements, music, location planning and video conceptualization. This can be a solo or group dance routine that will be  artistically filmed, produced and edited. Multiple cuts, shots and angles to showcase pure talent!

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A Dance Concept Film is more than just a dance, it is a short story. 

Show off your acting, story, creativity and love for being on camera.

These are short films which allow the expression of imagination to be captured by beautiful imagery and connect your talents on screen.

Live Production Recordings

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Full Length Live recordings. Multiple angles, multiple cameras, and full audio recording. We will record your entire dance production with our highly skilled team of professionals.

Let us know you would like our LIVE PRODUCTION packages guide!

Contact Us

We create customised package options for individuals and businesses.

For all enquiries and questions please contact us, or message us on our socials, to book a call or video call!

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